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Talent is the core competence for the company. Applying the modern enterprise training concept, the company improved its training centres and networks to provide training to all the employees with the purpose of developing a knowledgeable staff and a learning enterprise to achieve positive interaction between employee growth and corporate development. In 2010, the Headquarters of the Company organised 133 training programmes, with an attendance of over 20,000 people. More than 95% of the senior technicians and employees working in key positions received training in the year.

Every year, the company selects a group of excellent managers and key technicians and sends them to reputable universities and training agencies at home and abroad to participate in training in foreign languages, international business, business administration, law and other specialties. This broadens their international vision and increases their competence in international operations so that they can grow in all respects. In 2010, the company intensified training of international talent and trained 124 people in foreign languages such as Arabic, Spanish and Persian, and sent 190 core business executives to the US and Russia to receive education and technical training. Ninety four employees strengthened their will power and improved competence through participation in the overseas project leaders training programme and overseas project management and core technicians training programme.